From Side Hustle to Success: The $15M Journey of Vecteezy

Side Hustle

In the entrepreneurial world, side hustles often act as stepping stones to bigger ventures. A perfect illustration of this is the journey of Shawn Rubel, the mastermind behind Vecteezy.

This international creative marketplace, which started as Rubel’s side hustle in 2007, is now set to rake in an impressive $15 million in revenue in 2023.

The Perks of a Side Hustle: A Real-Life Example

Side HustleOne of the most valuable perks of a side hustle is the chance to dive into your passion while addressing real-world issues. Rubel, a graduate in visual arts and a web developer by trade, brought Vecteezy to life to tackle a common problem plaguing designers. His side hustle quickly gained international recognition.

The Magic of Hustles

Rubel’s story is a testament to the magic of hustles. What sprouted as a creative outlet has blossomed into a business worth millions. This underlines the potential of side hustles and the perks they offer:

  • Pursuing Passions: Side hustles give you the freedom to chase your passions outside your day job.
  • Problem-Solving: They open up opportunities to devise solutions for real-world problems.
  • Room for Growth: Side hustles can evolve into full-blown businesses, as Vecteezy shows us.

Drawing Inspiration from This Story

Rubel’s journey is a beacon of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs and side hustlers. It showcases the perks of side hustles and how they can pave the way to remarkable success.

Unleashing Creativity and Solving Problems

Rubel’s love for design and his drive to solve a common issue faced by designers gave birth to Vecteezy. This shows how creativity and problem-solving can join forces to create a successful venture.

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Harnessing Skills and Passions

Rubel’s story is a lesson in how to harness your skills and passions to create a thriving side hustle. It encourages individuals to delve into their passions and employ their skills to create something impactful.

The Promise of Side Hustles

The success of Vecteezy shines a light on the promise of side hustles. It demonstrates that with passion, creativity, and a dash of hard work, a side hustle can grow into a successful business.

In a nutshell, the journey of Vecteezy and its CEO, Shawn Rubel, is a testament to the perks of side hustles. It serves as a source of inspiration for those contemplating starting their own side hustle and shows the potential success that can stem from following your passions and solving real-world problems.


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