Powerful (PWR) cryptocurrency introduction!

Powerful Cryptocurrency is a utility token built on top of the Binance Smart Chain.

By holding PWR in your wallet, you can get access to exclusive content on the Powerful website and the ability to purchase digital products with PWR tokens.

People will also get Dogecoin as a reward for holding PWR.

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Powerful (PWR) cryptocurrency usage and holding benefits!


  1. Purchase Powerful’s digital products and services with PWR tokens.
  2. Get access to the exclusive updates section on

Holding Benefits

  1. Holders get rewarded with Dogecoin per sellout transaction. For this, you must hold at least 500 PWR tokens.


Powerful (PWR) cryptocurrency Stats

Total Supply: 5,000,000

Liquidity Added in Pancakeswap: 2,000,000

Tokens Saved for Future Purposes

Further Development and Manufacturing of Powerful Products: 1,000,000

Marketing: 500,000

Liquidity for Exchanges: 1,000,000

For CEO: 500,000

Liquidity Locked?

Is current Liquidity Locked?

Yes – 100%

Liquidity is Locked at Mudra Locker. Check the live certificate here and the image below.

Mudra Locker of PWR tokens