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OpenAI and Common Sense Media: Pioneering Teen AI Safety

OpenAI and Common Sense Media

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In a significant move towards safer AI usage among teens, OpenAI has announced a partnership with Common Sense Media. This collaboration aims to create educational resources and guidelines for responsible AI use in educational settings. With a focus on understanding the benefits and risks of AI technology, the initiative seeks to develop AI ratings and review systems, specifically targeting the needs of children, educators, and parents. The partnership is underscored by a shared commitment to making AI accessible and safe, especially for youth, as well as preparing for the challenges of AI misuse and the spread of misinformation.

Main Takeaways from OpenAI and Common Sense Media Partnership

1. New Partnership Aim

OpenAI is collaborating with Common Sense Media to help teenagers use artificial intelligence safely and responsibly. This initiative is primarily educational in nature.

2. OpenAI CEO’s Statement

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, emphasized the goal of making AI tools like ChatGPT safely accessible for educational purposes. He highlighted the importance of this technology in the learning experience of teens.

3. Role of Common Sense Media

As a nonprofit, Common Sense focuses on making technology safe and accessible for children. They are developing an AI ratings and review system to guide parents, children, and educators in understanding the risks and benefits of AI.

4. Critical Questions and Concerns

The initiative seeks to address whether AI encourages learning, respects human and children’s rights, and the potential for spreading misinformation.

5. Educational Materials and AI Guidelines

The partnership aims to create guidelines and educational resources for children, educators, and parents. It also plans to curate family-friendly GPT models that align with Common Sense’s standards.

6. Remarks from Common Sense Media CEO

Jim Steyer stated that the developed materials would educate users about the safe, responsible use of ChatGPT, aiming to prevent unintended consequences of this emerging technology.

7. OpenAI’s Mission and Accessibility Goals

OpenAI’s mission includes making helpful AI freely available. Sam Altman hopes the initiative will particularly benefit children without current access to AI.

8. Funding Support

The initiative has received a $3 million contribution from Craig Newmark Philanthropies, aiding the Common Sense AI and education initiative.

9. Customization of LLMs for Education

There is an ongoing discussion about how large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT could be tailored for educational purposes, particularly in fields like science and biology.

10. Addressing AI Misuse and Deepfakes

OpenAI acknowledges the risks of AI misuse, including deepfakes in elections. They are setting up response efforts to monitor and counter potential misuse of AI technologies.


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