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How to Zoom in Midjourney V6 – Simple Guide with Images

How to Zoom out in Midjourney

Welcome to the simplest guide on how to zoom in Midjourney with image examples.

Update: 27-Jan-2024

Now you can zoom in Midjourney V6, I just saw this update today, few minutes ago.

Midjourney V6 Zoom

Zooming in Midjourney was introduced in V5.2 and if you are wondering, of zooming in V6, as of now, 20-Jan-2024, zoom feature is not available yet.

As you’ll have to use V5.2 until zoom feature becomes available in V6.0 for zooming. And to be honest, V5.2 product amazing images too.

Let’s Begin without any fluff.

I’ll assume you know how to create an image in Midjourney V5.2.

When you upscale an image you’ll get the buttons for zoom out, Zoom Out 2x, Zoom Out 1.5x and Custom Zoom.

Zoom out Buttons

Minimum zoom you can do is 1.0, and max you can do is 2.0. You can enter any amount like

–zoom 1.3 or –zoom 1.7

make sure it’s not less than 1.0 or more than 2.0.

Custom Zoom option

Beauty of this feature is that you can zoom out as much times as you like. Here are is one example zoomed out image.

Zoom outed image in Midjourney

This is how you can zoom out in Midjourney.

Tip: Make sure to start with close up of the image if you want to zoom out.

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