How Much Does Midjourney Cost? Is Midjourney Free?

How Much Midjourney Cost

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So how much does Midjourney cost? Today I am going to answer this question.

Very cheap, like approximately ₹2.1 INR per image which is $0.025 per image with Standard Monthly Plan.

Let’s have a look at the monthly and yearly price charts and then I’ll explain how Midjourney’s cost is very cheap.

Here are the price charts of Midjourney as of 21-Jan-2024.

Cost of Midjourney in 2024 – Monthly

How much midjourney cost monthly chart

As you can see the price in US Dollars, I have also added approximate price in INR. I have Standard plan active, this mean I get to generate images for 15 hours of Fast generations and Unlimited Relaxed generations. But I don’t have the option to generate images privately, that option comes under Pro Plan.

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What are hours and Fast Generations and Relaxed Generations in Midjourney?

What are ‘Hours’ in Midjourney? – Unpacking the Time Allotment

Introduction to ‘Hours’: Think of Midjourney’s ‘Hours’ like tokens at an arcade. You start with a set amount – say, 1 hour. Every time you use Midjourney to generate an image, it’s like inserting a token into a game. The server’s time spent creating your image is the game play, and it deducts from your total ‘hours’ just like tokens are used up in an arcade game.

How It Works: Picture this: You have a digital hourglass with 1 hour of sand. Each time you prompt Midjourney for an image, some sand trickles away, representing the server time used to generate your request. Once all the sand runs out, your hour is up, and you’ll need more time to continue playing.

Fast Generations in Midjourney – The Speedy Sprinters

The Quick Draw of Fast Generations: Imagine Fast Generations as a sprinter in a race. It’s the default setting in Midjourney, designed for speed and efficiency. When you choose Fast Generations, you’re asking the sprinter to run at top speed, delivering your image in record time.

Balancing Quality and Speed: Using Fast Generations is like getting a quick sketch from a talented artist. It’s fast, efficient, and gets the job done. However, remember that with speed comes a trade-off; the detail might not be as fine-tuned as a longer, more meticulous drawing.


Relaxed Generations in Midjourney – The Marathon Runners

The Steady Pace of Relaxed Generations: Now, imagine Relaxed Generations as a marathon runner, in contrast to the sprinter. This setting takes its time, focusing on endurance rather than speed. The result? You might wait longer, but the image could have more depth and detail, akin to a painter taking their time to add intricate layers to their canvas.

Choosing Between Speed and Detail: Opting for Relaxed Generations is like asking a chef to slow-cook a stew. It takes longer, but the flavors develop more fully. Similarly, Relaxed Generations might use more of your ‘hour’, but the final product could be richer in detail and depth.

So with Pro Plan you get 15 hours fast generations, which means with my calculation, you can generate upto 1150 images with 15 hours

This means one standard image generation with Midjourney will cost you ₹2.1 INR, which is very cheap and you get full commercial rights for your images.

Cost of Midjourney in 2024 – Yearly

How much midjourney cost yearly chart

If you go with yearly plan the amount decreases more.

The Financial Acumen Behind Yearly Billing: When you opt for Midjourney’s yearly Standard Plan, think of it as a ‘creative investment plan.’ You’re not just saving money; you’re securing a year’s worth of artistic endeavors. It’s akin to paying for a gym membership annually—you’re more likely to get your money’s worth the more you commit to using it.

Dissecting the Yearly Standard Plan Savings

Breaking Down the Costs: With the Standard Plan billed annually at $288, you unlock 15 hours of Fast generation capabilities. Now, let’s consider a scenario where each Fast generation process takes approximately 1 minute per image. That gives us a potential of generating up to 900 images per hour (since there are 60 minutes in an hour). Over 15 hours, that could equate to a staggering 13,500 images in a year.

Calculating the Price Per Image: If we distribute the annual cost of $288 across these 13,500 potential images, the cost per image drops down to roughly $0.021. In Indian Rupees, given the conversion rate provided in the image, this would be approximately ₹1.55 per image.

This means one standard image generation with Midjourney will cost you ₹1.55 INR, if you go for yearly plan.

Special Note: Keep in mind that the actual number of images you can generate will depend on your usage patterns and the complexity of the images, which may affect generation times. However, the potential for cost savings is like finding a rare gem in a mine—the more you search, the more you save.

There you have it, the official website of MidJourney and is midjourney.com.

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