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Henry Ruggs Net Worth, Car Crash, Trial and More

Estimations suggest that Henry Rugg’s net worth is around $6 million. Henry Ruggs makes a living as an American football player. He is most famous for being a former player in the Las Vegas Raiders team.

Henry’s annual salary for the coming four years will be $16 million. A bonus of $9,684,820 by signing a contract due to excellent skills with Raider as well as for a 4-year contract since 2022. The primary source of his income comes from organisation’s salary, brand promotions and collaborations.

But because of his involvement in a recent car crash, he can expect to experience a negative effect on his net worth and income streams.

Let’s talk about what we know about Henry Ruggs, his recent car crash, his parents and the trial.

Henry Ruggs Net Worth

Early Life

Henry Ruggs was born January 24, 1999 in Dayton, Ohio. He is a free agent and lives in Dayton, Ohio. He played college football at Alabama and won a national championship with them. He was selected by the Las Vegas Raiders in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Kevontae Ruggs is Henry’s brother and they grew up Montgomery. After graduating, Henry went to Robert E. Lee High School to complete his education.

He studied at East Mississippi Community College while he was obtaining his degree. He played football since childhood, a game that he started playing when he was in 8th grade.

He won scholarships for his team and managed to play basketball and running track in school competitions.

Henry Ruggs Parents

Henry Ruggs has very nice parents. They care about their son like any other parent does for their children. His father is Henry Ruggs Jr and his mother is Nataki Ruggs.

Recent Car Crash of Ruggs

A Las Vegas judge ruled that blood alcohol tests can be exculpatory in the case against former NFL player Henry Ruggs III, who has been accused of driving 156 mph while drunk, causing a crash that killed 23-year-old Tina Tintor and her dog last November.

Ruggs is charged with multiple felonies including DUI (driving under the influence) which causes death, reckless driving, resisting arrest.

Authorities say that Ruggs was going too fast when his Corvette Stingray hit Tintor’s Toyota RAV4, propelling the Toyota 571 feet and setting it on fire. The coroner stated that Tintor and her dog, Max, died because of the fire.

He was released from the hospital after spending two days there, was released from custody on a $150,000 bond and then in the middle of his second season, he was released by the Raiders. After all this, he was put on house arrest for alcohol monitoring and had to wear a location device so his movements could be monitored.

When is Henry Ruggs Trial in 2022

Henry Ruggs has a preliminary hearing in order to decide whether or not he will be sent to state court. That date was changed four times and is set for September 7th. The fee that he would serve if convicted ranges from two years to 50 years, dependent on his crimes.

How His Career Adds to His Current Net Worth

Henry started his career in a sports team when he was attending college. His first year in the team, he won many matches and broke the record for the game.

In 2017 he started playing for Alabama University with high scores and was considered one of the best players in his college. Lots of teams wanted to choose him, but Henry chose to stay at Alabama University.

In 2020, he was picked by the Las Vegas Raiders in the NFL Draft. 1 month later, he was picked up by Three Square Inc. In 2020, he became the best wide receiver out of all the other players on the team.

Roderic Scott was Henry’s best friend, who got him started playing football; unfortunately, he died in a car accident when he was 17. In honour of him, Henry scored a three-finger touchdown in the game.

Ruggs won’t be getting the same kinds of endorsement deals following the recent car crash. As a result, his net worth and income will both be affected.

Henry Ruggs Endorsements

Ruggs has a sponsorship contract with Adidas. Other clients include Bose, Bleacher Report, Verizon, Foco, Subway, The Player’s Tribune, Rocket Mortgage, Fanatics and more. But after a crash in the car we are not sure how many of these companies will want to keep those arrangements. This incident will negatively affect his career in some way.

Will Henry Ruggs Play Again?

If Ruggs has his charges thrown out, what is the NFL going to do? If a guilty plea to DUI manslaughter leads to a one-year suspension, what happens if you plead not guilty?

It is uncertain if Ruggs wants to resume his football career. He may want to keep working out in the hopes of playing someday, or he might just need something to do and hope that training improves his chances of playing again someday.

The case of Ruggs ranks among the most horrifying stories in the NFL history and it seems impossible that he’ll ever get another chance in the league, regardless of how his legal situation resolves.

Henry Ruggs Jersey

Henry Ruggs’s soccer jerseys can be bought at most online stores. On eBay, they cost between $39 and $58 plus. His signed jerseys sell at $280 on

Most parents prefer to buy their children’s football (soccer) shirts of their favorite athlete, Henry Ruggs is no exception to the rule; his football shirts are very popular among his fans.



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