Electricity Must Not Be Free For Anyone! Here’s Why!


1 Answer: Make people capable, so that they are able to pay the bills. Improve education system and their lifestyle.

2 Answer: Electricity isn’t generated for free. So it must be paid at a reasonable cost.

Rest, I think government can also do the job of creation and distribution. Keeping certain things in the hands of government, would be good. In a certain way, that electricity does not go in the hands of private organizations completely.

And public should not face any hike in electricity prices. Maintaining the balance between privatization, and government owned electricity is a must.

But if the government can do the overall job efficiently, which they should do. Then we don’t need to give electricity into the hands of private organizations.

Plus, making people capable of paying the bills would raise our economy. If we’ll give everything or even certain things for free, that would open the path of laziness to people.

No doubt, private organizations would do a great job in this department. But I believe the government is more than capable to handle this sector, and they must keep it under their control.


Do not give electricity for free. Make people capable to pay the bills. Governments should handle everything effectively and efficiently. I think these are the ways to go.



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