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Urgent Action Required: Clean Water Problems in Punjab Districts


Water is life and clean water is the human right of every living human on our precious planet. Punjab is called the land of five rivers. It’s shameful that the water crisis is happening in such land.

According to the latest, BBC News Punjabi video people around the districts of Fazilka and Faridkot are experiencing an extreme shortage of clean water. They have to pay for clean water on a daily basis. It’s shameful, that this kind of situation happened.

I won’t waste any time blaming any government (Past or Current), it’s not worth the time.

We have to think together that what’s the solution for this. How can we solve this water crisis as early as possible? And take action on it effectively and efficiently. Not tomorrow or later, but today, right now.

I urge the government of Punjab and especially the respected Chief Minister of Punjab Shri Bhagwant Mann Ji to solve this issue on an extreme priority basis.

I also request big water corporations like Bisleri and Kinley to come together and solve the water crisis issue happening anywhere in the country. Work with the governments, you guys have made enough money on clean water. Free clean water is a basic human right.

Provide or suggest better ideas and solutions so that the clean water supply in the country is never short. Kindly don’t think anything about making profits, have some integrity and think above greed. Humanity is calling for people who can help solve basic problems.

So that our next generations never have to struggle with necessities like clean water.


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