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ChatGPT: Use Multiple GPTs in One Conversation

Multiple GPTs

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A Quiet, Yet Significant Update

In a move that flew under the radar, OpenAI has introduced a subtle, yet impactful update to ChatGPT: the ability for users to easily switch between custom-created GPT chatbots using an ‘@’ tag in the prompt. This new feature enhances the user experience by streamlining access to personalized chatbots.

Custom ChatGPT-Powered Bots: A Background

1. Launch of Personalized Bots

In November 2023, OpenAI unveiled the ability for ChatGPT Plus subscribers to create their own GPT-powered chatbots, tailored for specific conversation types using an intuitive GPT-building interface.

2. Training and Improving Bots

These custom bots, known as GPTs, allow users to continually train and refine them, making them more adept at handling specific tasks and inquiries.

The GPT Store and Its Opportunities

Multiple GPTsEarlier this year, OpenAI launched the GPT store, a platform where users can create, share, and even monetize their custom GPT bots. This store categorizes bots into areas like education, productivity, and entertainment. Here, bots can be ranked and compete in leaderboards, and creators have the potential to earn revenue.

The ‘@’ Tag: A Game-Changer

1. Fluid Switching Between Bots

The recent update, spotted by a ChatGPT enthusiast, enables users to seamlessly switch between different GPT personas using the ‘@’ tag, similar to functionalities in apps like Discord and Slack.

2. Enhanced User Experience

This feature is expected to make the interaction with custom GPT chatbots more fluid and user-friendly, especially for those looking to build a personal ecosystem of chatbots.

OpenAI’s Subtle Feature Release Strategy

Interestingly, OpenAI has not officially announced this update, opting for a more low-key approach and allowing users to discover it independently. This method of rolling out new features is somewhat unconventional but aligns with the company’s often understated style.


This update by OpenAI to ChatGPT marks a significant step in customizability and user interaction within the realm of generative AI. By enabling users to quickly switch between their own GPT bots with a simple tag, OpenAI is not only enhancing the functionality of ChatGPT but also encouraging creativity and personalization in AI conversations. This development could lead to more dynamic and diverse interactions within the ChatGPT ecosystem.

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