• Some Inputs in Sadhguru debates Jewish Rabbi in L.A, California

    Sadguru: You are prescribing some amount of suffering for everybody so that they can become wiser?

    See, that’s exactly what I wanted to convey from over the last couple of years. But all these so-called motivational speakers, who have experienced their lives with suffering, or achieved their success after immense hard work, they try to teach you the same thing!

    It’s not how it should be.

    Jewish Rabbi: I am saying that some amount of suffering is inevitable!

    Like, respected Jewish Rabbi said it, some amount of suffering is inevitable! I completely disagree with that. With current society, this statement can be agreed upon at some point.

    But in a society with equality and fairness, I believe there would be no such thing as suffering. Equality and Fairness are just two of the many elements that requires for such society. But they are the important ones!

    And Sadguru’s work in different areas can lead to such society. Where there would be no suffering in the path of achieving what we call a success.

    There will only be a blissful and exciting journey.





  • Save Soil – Join The Movement | A Documentary Film

    By 2050, 90% of Earth’s soils could be degraded, unless we act now.(UNCCD, 2020) #SaveSoil savesoil.org

    60% of the world’s population is deficient in nutrients like iron due to lack of nutrients in food and soils. (TIME, 2012) #SaveSoil savesoil.org

    Soil is home to over a quarter of all living species on Earth. (European Union, 2010) #SaveSoil savesoil.org

  • How Much Money Is In The World?

    How much money is in the world? This is a question that has been asked by people for centuries. And while there are various estimates out there, it’s difficult to say for sure how much money actually exists.

    But one thing is certain: there is a lot of money in the world. In fact, according to one estimate, the total value of all the money in the world is around $60 trillion. That’s a lot of money!

    Of course, not all of this money is in the form of cash. A large portion of it is in the form of assets such as stocks, bonds, and real estate. And a lot of it is in the form of debt, too.

    But even if we only consider cash and other liquid assets, there is still a staggering amount of money in the world. For perspective, if you stacked all the $100 bills in the world on top of each other, they would reach more than 1,000 miles into the sky!

    So how did all this money come into existence? Well, it’s mostly because people have worked hard and produced things of value that others are willing to pay for.

    Over time, as more and more wealth has been created, the amount of money in the world has grown exponentially. And it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

    How Many Billionaires in The World?

    There are currently 2,153 billionaires in the world, according to Forbes’ annual tally. That’s a record number and up from 2,035 last year. There are now more billionaires than there are days in the year. And their collective net worth is $9.1 trillion, also a record.

    The U.S. has the most billionaires with 585, followed by China with 476, Germany with 146 and India with 101. There are now 67 billionaire families, defined as two or more people who share the same last name and inheritance.

    The average billionaire is 63 years old and male. The U.S. has the most female billionaires with 72; China is second with 46. Among countries, China minted the most new billionaires this year with 19, followed by the U.S. with 16 and Russia with 8.

    The youngest billionaire is Kylie Jenner, 22, who is worth $1 billion thanks to her stake in beauty company Kylie Cosmetics, which she founded in 2015. The oldest is David Rockefeller Sr., who died in March at age 101. His net worth was $3.3 billion.

    The richest person in the world is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who is worth $131 billion. He is followed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates ($96.5 billion), Warren Buffett ($82.5 billion), Bernard Arnault and family ($76 billion) and Amancio Ortega ($67 billion).

    How Much Money is in The World?

    First, it is important to think about what money actually is. Money is a means of exchange that is used to purchase goods and services. It is not an actual physical commodity that can be touched or seen. This means that the amount of money in the world is not limited by the amount of physical currency that exists.

    Second, it is important to consider who has access to money. Not everyone in the world has access to banks or other financial institutions where they can deposit their earnings. This means that the amount of money in circulation is often much higher than the amount of physical currency that exists.

    Finally, it is important to think about what country’s currency you are using when trying to calculate how much money is in the world. Different countries have different economic systems and levels of development. This means that their currency may be worth more or less than others. For example,

    What Are Different Types of Money?

    There are a lot of different types of money in the world. Some countries use different types of money than others. The most common type of money is called the dollar. The United States, Canada, and Mexico all use dollars. England uses a currency called the pound. France uses a currency called the euro.

    Different countries have different amounts of money. The United States has the most money in the world. China has the second most money in the world. Japan has the third most money in the world.

    The amount of money in the world changes all the time. More money is printed, and more coins are minted every day. People also earn money and spend money every day.

    Read More: Race To Green Hydrogen – Worth The Hype? | EU’s ‘Carbon Border Tax’

    Is Cash Going to be replaced?

    Money in the World

    There are a lot of different opinions out there about whether cash is going to be replaced by digital currencies. Some people say that it’s inevitable, while others believe that cash will always have a place in the world.

    So, what’s the truth? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at both sides of the argument.

    Proponents of digital currencies say that cash is becoming increasingly obsolete. They point to the fact that more and more businesses are now accepting electronic payments, and that even countries are starting to experiment with their own digital currencies.

    They argue that the convenience and efficiency of digital payments make them a natural replacement for cash.

    On the other hand, there are those who believe that cash will always have a place in our economy. They argue that cash is still widely used and accepted, and that it offers certain advantages over electronic payments – such as anonymity and portability.

    They also point out that digital currencies are still relatively new and untested, and that it could take years for them to gain widespread adoption.

    So, what do you think? Is cash on its way out? Or will it continue to play an important role in our economy?

    Conclusion: How Much Money Is In The World?

    In conclusion, it is estimated that there is approximately $60 trillion dollars in the world. This number is constantly changing due to different economic factors such as inflation, stock market crashes, and natural disasters. Nevertheless, it provides a rough estimate of the amount of money that circulates around the globe.

  • Electricity Must Not Be Free For Anyone! Here’s Why!

    1 Answer: Make people capable, so that they are able to pay the bills. Improve education system and their lifestyle.

    2 Answer: Electricity isn’t generated for free. So it must be paid at a reasonable cost.

    Rest, I think government can also do the job of creation and distribution. Keeping certain things in the hands of government, would be good. In a certain way, that electricity does not go in the hands of private organizations completely.

    And public should not face any hike in electricity prices. Maintaining the balance between privatization, and government owned electricity is a must.

    But if the government can do the overall job efficiently, which they should do. Then we don’t need to give electricity into the hands of private organizations.

    Plus, making people capable of paying the bills would raise our economy. If we’ll give everything or even certain things for free, that would open the path of laziness to people.

    No doubt, private organizations would do a great job in this department. But I believe the government is more than capable to handle this sector, and they must keep it under their control.


    Do not give electricity for free. Make people capable to pay the bills. Governments should handle everything effectively and efficiently. I think these are the ways to go.


  • Race To Green Hydrogen – Worth The Hype? | EU’s ‘Carbon Border Tax’

    Increasing carbon emissions is one of the biggest threats to our precious environment. Companies around the world want to achieve a zero% carbon emissions target.

    And the best solution they came up with is green hydrogen.

    Hydrogen can be utilized as fuel to power cars, trucks, trains, ships and planes. Steel can also be made with it.

    The only byproduct of consuming that fuel is water again and the energy that comes with it.

    What is Hydrogen?

    It’s the most abundant element in the universe that can even be found in our sun and stars. You’ll usually find it bound up with other elements like oxygen in the water.

    The process of producing green hydrogen is called electrolysis. The energy coming out from the electrolysis process can be utilized to power fuel cells.

    There are four types of hydrogens we can produce.

    Types of Hydrogens

    Green Hydrogen is the only one that can be made with renewable energy. But according to World Economic Forum green hydrogen makes only about 0.1% of the total hydrogen production around the world. Because it’s the most expensive one to make at the moment of writing this article.

    Some companies suggest Blue Hydrogen is more expensive than grey hydrogen but it’s a better solution. In fact, it is not.

    Meredith Annex is the lead hydrogen analyst at BloomberNEF, which is a market research firm.

    According to her, to achieve net-zero emissions, everyone has to do something. That means you need solutions for areas where electricity is going to struggle to provide the solution.

    And that’s where green hydrogen comes in. Let’s analyze the overall hyped situation of green hydrogen.

    Is Green Hydrogen Worth The Hype?

    Here are some important points to consider when about Green Hydrogen. Green Hydrogen can cut the carbon emissions in our most polluted sectors. So, We are going to need a lot of this stuff.

    90% of the hydrogen created around the world is Grey Hydrogen which is made from Fossil Fuels and production of it must be stopped immediately.

    Blue Hydrogen on the other hand produce less Co2 Emissions but its expensive to make than grey hydrogen.

    It’s still made from the natural gas with the method of steam methane reforming. It still produce CO2, but instead of letting it go in the air, some Blue Hydrogen production companies claim to capture and store the CO2 underground or utilize for other purposes.

    Which makes Blue Hydrogen a nice substitute, right?! Well, not exactly, here’s why!

    Robert Howarth from Cornell University from USA explains that Blue Hydrogen actually has a very very large greenhouse gas footprint. Howarth has co-worked on an extensive study related to Hydrogen which made a significant impact in the energy world.

    He explains, that greenhouse gas emission from Blue Hydrogen is worse than if you burned the natural gas directly for fuel instead. Nothing low emissions about it at all.

    What’s the shocker is the oil and gas industry promise to remove about 90% of emission when making blue hydrogen. But the reality is totally different.

    According to Human Rights NGO, Global Witness studied one blue hydrogen facility in Canada run by Shell, only manages to capture 48% carbon emissions. That’s way far less than promised amount, which is 90%.

    It’s a shocker to know that what amount of emission is leaked while processing and transporting blue hydrogen.

    These processes release methane into the atmosphere. Which is 80 times more powerful in warming the plane than CO2.

    It’s a shame to know that despite these horrible outcomes from blue hydrogen,  it made it’s way into the official hydrogen strategies of major economies of the world.

    According to Global Witness report, Each year, Shell’s plant in Canada has the same carbon footprint as 1.2 million petrol cars.

    These economies includes, UK, US, Japan and European Union, yeah, EU, which has proposed other countries to pay carbon border tax, but we’ll talk about that later below.

    It seems like a direct strategy of the oil and gas industry. If you see and study the science behind this.

    You’ll realize it’s pure marketing. Science does not support this kind of monstrous play with the precious nature.

    The goals seems like selling fossil fuels to the world, pretending it’s gonna get better. It’s not gonna get better this way.

    Now let’s know what the Blue Hydrogen companies has to say about it. Here are the words of BP, Shell and Saudi Aramco.

    Any guesses what they had to say?

    Well, Nothing! They don’t have time to explain.

    Now that’s the stupidest reason for anyone to have, blue hydrogen manufacturing companies must not get away with it.

    According to Chris Jackson, “Blue Hydrogen is a mistake that’ll cost us a lot in the future”. Jackson founded Protium, a UK company that focuses on Green Hydrogen.

    Jackson says, we need to build better projects and better technologies which is exactly they want to do with Green Hydrogen.

    To make Green Hydrogen, renewable energy is utilized, like wind or solar to power an electrolysis.

    This produces no emission, so we end up with truly clean hydrogen, which is Green Hydrogen.

    The catch here is, green hydrogen production is very expensive at the moment. But that’ll change overtime because of two reasons.

    One: Meredith Annex explains, electrolyzers are getting cheaper, because we are moving to larger projects with more upscaled manufacturing. Which is a big thing.

    Two: Prices for renewable energy has fallen consistently and continue to do so.

    BloombergNEF predicts that green hydrogen will be cheaper than blue hydrogen by around 2030 and cheaper than grey hydrogen by 2050.

    You might be thinking, the problem is solved then, we make ton of green hydrogen and run our economies on that. Well, it’s not that simple. Stick with me.

    The biggest challenge in all of this is Hydrogen’s low energy density. Which means you need three times more space to store green hydrogen compare to natural gas.

    So, bigger storage facilities are required, depending on how much hydrogen we actually need. And we are going to need a lot of it.

    According to Robert Howarth, Renewable electricity is still a scarce, precious resource, and we should use it as efficiently and as effectively as we can. Hydrogen may not be the best way to do that!

    Even the founder of Protium, Chris Jackson explains, Hydrogen can be used for everything but it does not mean it should be.

    And future is between finding the balance between where we use battery and where we use hydrogen.

    Passenger cars are a great example for this, they can run on hydrogen fuel cells. But turning electricity into hydrogen, transporting into fueling stations, pumping it into fuel cells to then convert it back to electricity is not very efficient.

    About 60% of the energy that you put gets lost in the process.

    Alternatively, you could use the same energy to directly charge a lithium-ion-battery that powers the motor. Here only 20% of the energy is wasted in the process.

    Now let’s know about bigger vehicles like trucks. Batteries are getting stronger and require much less charging time. According to this study, which requires payment for access, has found that battery-electric trucks could dominate the market in the future.

    Even Green Hydrogen is not the solution for everything, it is going to help in some cases but not in everything.

    Chris Jackson says, A lot of effort, time and momentum has been built around the hydrogen. And green hydrogen companies must fulfill and show that momentum between 2022 to 2026.

    The most optimistic scenario is that hydrogen can fulfill 20% of our energy needs till 2050.

    On this, Meredith Annex says, we need to hit the goals with green hydrogen within this decade, otherwise we won’t be able to achieve our climate goals.

    All of the above information is given in the following video. You can watch the video if you prefer visual content.

    What Do We Learn From All This?

    Blue Hydrogen is not the only solution for all of our planet’s energy needs. Here are three major steps that we can take to achieve the zero emission as soon as possible.

    1. Figure out the ways to decrease the amount of carbon emissions.

    2. Grey and Blue Hydrogen’s cause more problems than a solution, Their production must be stopped.

    3. Focus on decreasing the renewable energy production cost at fastest possible rate.

    4. Utilize Green Hydrogen where it’s most efficient. Not everywhere.

    Now let’s break down these four points even further.

    1. Figure out the ways to decrease the amount of carbon emissions.

    The Problem is With The Utilization of Things That Happen on a Daily Basis

    Here are the things that contribute to carbon emission. Governments should work with experts in each industry and find solutions to reduce the carbon emission in each sector.

    I’ll try my best and find solutions for each industry and suggest them below.

    We should strive for the maximum output to reduce emissions from such industries. But even if we can reduce emissions produced by any industry by 0.01%, go for it. Make the change.

    Main Categories

    – Electricity & heat (24.9%)
    – Industry (14.7%)
    – Transportation (14.3%)
    – Other fuel combustion (8.6%)
    – Fugitive emissions (4%)
    Agriculture (13.8%)
    Land-use change (12.2%)
    Industrial processes (4.3%)
    Waste (3.2%)


    Road transport (10.5%)
    Air transport (1.7% )
    Other transport (2.5%)
    Fuel and power for residential buildings (10.2%)
    Fuel and power for commercial buildings (6.3%)
    Unallocated fuel combustion (3.8%)
    Iron and steel production (4%)
    Aluminum and non-ferrous metals production (1.2%)
    Machinery production (1%)
    Pulp, paper, and printing (1.1%)
    Food and tobacco industries (1.0%)
    Chemicals production (4.1%)
    Cement production (5.0%)
    Other industries (7.0%)
    Transmission and distribution losses (2.2%)
    Coal mining (1.3%)
    Oil and gas production (6.4%)
    Deforestation (11.3%)
    Reforestation (-0.4%)
    Harvest and land management (1.3%)
    Agricultural energy use (1.4%)
    Agricultural soils (5.2%)
    Livestock and manure (5.4%)
    Rice cultivation (1.5%)
    Other cultivation (1.7%)
    Landfill of waste (1.7%)
    Wastewater and other waste (1.5%)

    Suggestive Solutions

    We need to figure out how we can reduce emissions in each sector that contributes to it. And how can we utilize the emission outcome and turn it into green energy?

    Find alternatives to the things that produce emissions, Reduce their production.

    Solution Number One: Aluminum Over Steel

    According to the Aluminum Extruders Council, aluminum produces fewer carbon emissions than steel.

    Drive Aluminum also suggests the same in detail.

    Use Aluminum instead of Steel.

    Like governments should promote the use of aluminum instead of steel. Convince the steel manufacturing companies to convert to aluminum manufacturing companies. Recycle as much aluminum as possible.

    Advice and suggest companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, reduce the use of aluminum cans and use glass or other environment-friendly materials instead. Then more aluminum will be available for the automotive industry if they can’t get enough aluminum. Because carbon emissions from transportation are too much.

    Produce and Save aluminum, recycle it, and utilize it as a substitute for steel.

    The issue is aluminum production is more expensive than steel. But there are solutions available for that too.

    Here are seven ways to reduce the aluminum cost-effectively by Brightstar Aluminum Machinery

    1. Reduce the defects in aluminum profiles

    2. Reduce Non-Extrusion cycle time

    3. Downtime (Operation interruption)

    4. Extrusion Speed

    5. Using a porous die

    6. Reduce scrap rate and increase production efficiency and qualification ration

    7. Using automated and advanced production equipment

    You can read the explanation of each point here.

    To Be Continued…..

    I am a single person working on the project. I’ll update the articles according to my time availability.

    Upcoming Content in This Article

    More Solutions about reducing carbon emissions.

    Solutions about cutting down the cost of renewable energy as soon as possible. 

    Is the decision of EU’s about applying more tax viable or essential? 

    Featured Image Inspired by iStock Collection

    Base Forest Image by Unsplash

  • Urgent Action Required: Clean Water Problems in Punjab Districts

    Water is life and clean water is the human right of every living human on our precious planet. Punjab is called the land of five rivers. It’s shameful that the water crisis is happening in such land.

    According to the latest, BBC News Punjabi video people around the districts of Fazilka and Faridkot are experiencing an extreme shortage of clean water. They have to pay for clean water on a daily basis. It’s shameful, that this kind of situation happened.

    I won’t waste any time blaming any government (Past or Current), it’s not worth the time.

    We have to think together that what’s the solution for this. How can we solve this water crisis as early as possible? And take action on it effectively and efficiently. Not tomorrow or later, but today, right now.

    I urge the government of Punjab and especially the respected Chief Minister of Punjab Shri Bhagwant Mann Ji to solve this issue on an extreme priority basis.

    I also request big water corporations like Bisleri and Kinley to come together and solve the water crisis issue happening anywhere in the country. Work with the governments, you guys have made enough money on clean water. Free clean water is a basic human right.

    Provide or suggest better ideas and solutions so that the clean water supply in the country is never short. Kindly don’t think anything about making profits, have some integrity and think above greed. Humanity is calling for people who can help solve basic problems.

    So that our next generations never have to struggle with necessities like clean water.

  • Proven Ways To Have More Money and Spend Less

    Everyone knows that money is a very important factor in life. I am going to share how you can have more money apart from your main income stream. You don’t need to necessarily pick multiple options from these but even choosing one and working on it for the long term would be great.

    From long-term, I mean at least 3-7 years. After selecting the income stream, even if you dedicate 2 hours a day consistently over the years, you will see great and positive results in your income.

    Once you start seeing your desired income from this side hustle. You can quit the job or work you never wanted to do in the first place and start working on your favorite project full-time.

    I am also going to explain how you can spend less money, so you have more money to invest in your dream business.

    There are two ways to have more money: Increase Income and decrease expenses.

    Ways to Increase Income

    1. Start a Second Job

    Any job which can help you make more money or can support your requirements. No work is bigger or smaller.

    2. Start a Side Hustle

    Side, hustle could be any kind of work that makes you some extra bucks to support yourself and your family.

    Just visit this link and watch these videos on YouTube about side-hustle ideas.

    You can keep working on the side-hustle until you get the required money for your goals.

    3. Switch to a Better Paying Job

    These days better opportunities are just a Google search away. If you believe you are getting underpaid, then it’s time to switch jobs. If a remote job can pay more than your physical job then switch to remote work. I suggesting anyone to be greedy. But we must our worth and never settle for less.

    There’s one YouTube channel that teaches about the worth of yourself effectively.

    4. Start an Online Business

    Thinking about starting an online business, but don’t know where to begin?

    Well, you no longer need to search far, YouTube is filled of channels that provide immense value. But the problem is, there’s too much information and everyone talks like to be the expert in their field.

    The problem is, not everyone is. Here are some videos which I recommend helping you kick-start your business online.

    But before that, we have to decide what do we want to achieve?

    Just want to make money, or money and fame!

    If just money, then here is just one video that covers the most of the genuine ways you can earn money online. I can tell you, these are proven and tested ways to earn some extra or if done with complete dedication a lot of cash.

    As I am personally against social media, the Instagram part of this video we can ignore. Kindly watch this video for more insights.

    5. Invest in Real Estate

    I personally have no experience in the real estate sector. But humans need a real place to live in, right! For professional real estate advice, I recommend you watch this video by Robert Kiyosaki.

    6. Freelancing

    If you explore websites like Fiverr.com, you’ll be surprised, at what kind of work people are ordering there. If you have a skill, you can start providing your freelancing services on websites like Fiverr and Upwork.

    7. Blogging

    If you can write valuable content, then the best way to distribute your content would be by blogging. Before you start blogging, I highly recommend that you read this book. The Business Blog Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Running a Business Blog that Drives Traffic and Accelerates Growth by Kathryn Aragon.

    8. E-commerce Business

    Starting an e-commerce business these days is not difficult but making it a success requires a lot of effort and work. But fruits are great too. Here’s one great idea, If you live in a big city, you must know there are shops where you get fine products for extremely cheap prices.

    Buying those products and selling them online at a higher price with no shipping charges. That’s a nice and inexpensive way to start an e-commerce business.

    Ways to Decrease Expenses

    1. Spend Less

    The first point in this section is very simple. It’s very easy to do once you figured it out. Think carefully about where you spent money in the last year. If you track your expenses and income, it’s very easy to do. Just filter the expenses where you think things could have worked out without spending money there. Or things could have worked out by spending less amount.

    Are there any repetitive expenses that you can cut or decrease by changing services to another provider? If yes, then do so.

    You’ll be shocked to see the results and realizations of how much money you could have saved.

    Now don’t cry over spilled milk. Just be extremely cautious when you spend the money next time and invest that money in good stocks or buy digital gold. If you like, you can buy Bitcoin too but that’s very risky stuff. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are okay with taking an extremely high risk.

    2. Decrease the Frequency of Eating Out to As Low As Possible

    Eat great and healthy food but why pay extra at fancy restaurants when you can make great food at home.

    These days you can find amazing recipes for almost any food via Google. It’s just a search away. Buy raw food, and cook at home. Plus, if you are a male, your wife or mother will be extremely happy to see you cooking.

    3. Stay Away From Luxury Items Unless You Earn $1 Million in at least 3 Days

    It’s true to some extent that luxury items are made to keep low-earning people poor. Sometimes fashion, music, automotive, and film industries work together to increase the craze for luxury goods among teenagers and younger audiences. If possible, avoid making purchases after getting influenced by these industries.

    Let me give you one example of one expensive clothing brand. I just got married last month, and my wife’s parents were about to visit my home to see me so that we could proceed further. Now I was in hurry and wanted to wear something nice on that day. But I didn’t like anything from my wardrobe. So I went out to Superdry’s store and bought a long sleeve t-shirt for $51.71 (INR 4,000).

    It’s the first time I purchased such an expensive t-shirt. You know why it’s so much expensive for me because I know its actual cost. How? Well, we manufacture woolen clothes, it is our family business. That t-shirt’s actual cost is not more than $5.81 (INR 450). My wallet was crying while giving money but I liked the tee, and most of all it was an emergency and a special occasion for me, so I purchased it.

    Now, with that $45.9 I could have purchased some shares of Apple, Tata, or Google. And that money would have been added to my investment portfolio. But now it’s just gone. It won’t come back. When it comes to clothing and luxury goods, be smart, and choose wisely.

    4. Use Coupons and Ask For Discounts

    Before purchasing anything always ask for discounts or coupons. 97% of internet companies will give extra discounts on services and products if you reach out to their support team. Just ask nicely. Use reputed coupon websites to get coupons.

    Extra Tip:
    Did you know if you add items to a cart in some online store and close the website. The company will reach out to you within the next 24 hours with some extra discount. You can use this trick. But not all the websites provide such offers.

    5. Cancel Useless Subscriptions

    The best example of this would be a streaming service subscription. You really don’t need to watch every single web series or movie. That’s the ultimate way of wasting time. If I could give one piece of advice to myself at the age of 17 I would advise avoiding watching movies and web series and focusing on managing finance and developing skills.

    6. Don’t Buy New Phone Unless, the Old One is Useless

    I haven’t changed my iPhone in 4+ years. And it works just fine even now. Apps are smooth, calling is fine too. I’ll change it in the next few months. But see, I used it for almost 5 years. And I don’t feel bad about it.

    You can save a lot of money by worrying less about social status and what others will think.

    7. Don’t Buy Things to Impress Others or Because of Social Status

    I hope it doesn’t happen but if you become financially weak someday, then no one, not a single person whom you were trying to impress would offer you money even for groceries for your home. Never ever buy stuff to impress other people. Only buy things that you need. The essential ones.

    Let me give you an example of a great company everyone knows about. It’s my favorite too. It’s Nike. I wear Nike shoes, not because I want to impress others. But because I can’t wear uncomfortable or ugly things. I just can’t and I like running. The designs and durability of Nike’s products are just amazing, and the shoes are very comfortable.

    More than a year ago I bought my running shoes at $96.88 after a 40% discount. More than a year ago and they are still great. I am not buying another pair of shoes unless these ones become useless. And this is my only running shoe pair and I run almost daily for 30 minutes or sometimes 20 minutes.

    I purchased the expensive product because there’s no other product with such design and durability. Not to impress anyone or because of social status. I did not even put a status when I got these shoes.

    I hope this article helps you in some way. I wish you happy savings and investing and thank you so much for reading my article.

  • Behind the Design: Mohair Sweater

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    Continue reading Behind the Design: Mohair Sweater