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Apple Vision Pro iFixit Teardown Unveils Complex Construction


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The first teardown of the Apple Vision Pro has been performed, revealing a complex and difficult-to-disassemble device.
– The mixed-reality headset is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment.
– The teardown uncovered the use of multiple videos in the EyeSight display, resulting in a stereoscopic 3D effect.
– Other elements explored in the teardown include the automatic interpupillary distance adjustment system, the layering of displays and hardware, and the wide array of sensors.


The Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s latest hardware release, has undergone its first teardown by repair outfit iFixit. This teardown provides insight into the inner workings of Apple’s mixed-reality head-mounted hardware, revealing the complexity of the device and shedding light on its unique features.

Latest Developments:

The teardown of the Apple Vision Pro is still ongoing, but the initial findings showcase the intricate design of the headset. The front glass was successfully removed with minimal damage, while the speaker stems proved to be more delicate. The use of modular parts with connectors on the end was welcomed, although the speaker units themselves were easily broken.

One notable design choice by Apple is the use of a proprietary battery cable connection, which prevents accidental disconnection. However, the plug at the other end of the cable was criticized for terminating with a non-standard oversized Lightning connector.

The teardown also revealed the presence of multiple videos in the EyeSight display, addressing concerns about low resolution and dim images. By using widening and lenticular layers alongside OLED technology, the headset is able to create a form of stereoscopic 3D effect for observers.


The Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s most complex piece of hardware to date. It is a mixed-reality headset that combines virtual reality and augmented reality capabilities, allowing users to interact with digital content in a spatial computing environment. The headset features a wide array of sensors, including cameras and motion sensors, to track the user’s movements and provide a seamless immersive experience.


The teardown of the Apple Vision Pro highlights the level of sophistication and innovation in Apple’s mixed-reality headset. The use of multiple videos in the EyeSight display demonstrates Apple’s commitment to delivering high-quality visuals and a truly immersive experience.

The automatic interpupillary distance adjustment system ensures that the headset fits comfortably on a wide range of users, enhancing the overall user experience. The layering of displays and hardware further contributes to the headset’s ability to deliver realistic and immersive visuals.

However, the teardown also reveals some flaws in the design, such as the weight of the headset and the need for a tethered battery. These issues may impact the overall comfort and convenience of using the Apple Vision Pro.

Expert Opinions:

Experts in the field of mixed reality and hardware design have praised the Apple Vision Pro for its ambitious features and capabilities. Despite some flaws, such as the weight and tethered battery, the headset is seen as a significant step forward in the development of mixed-reality technology.

The iFixit team, responsible for the teardown, did not provide an actual “repairability” score but acknowledged that the device is difficult to disassemble. They were impressed with the use of modular parts and connectors, but also noted some design choices that could be improved.


The teardown of the Apple Vision Pro provides valuable insights into the inner workings of Apple’s latest mixed-reality headset. The complexity and sophistication of the device are evident, with features like multiple videos in the EyeSight display and automatic interpupillary distance adjustment system. While there are some flaws in the design, the Apple Vision Pro represents a significant advancement in the field of mixed-reality technology.

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