Another Dirty Politics Move by Arvind Kejriwal?

Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal, unfortunately, the current chief minister of New Delhi is misleading the public again with his lies. He opens his press conference with the words like Indian rupee is getting weaker against the US Dollar.

The fact is US Dollar is getting strong but Indian Rupee is not getting weaker. Here’s a video by Sushant Sinha which explains this in detail.

After that Kejriwal talks about the Gods in such a way, it feels like he has some agenda behind his speech. Every word coming out of his mouth seems to get personal and political benefits from the Hindu community.

It is a huge shame for him to use a religious angle in a pathetic way to get political benefits. Even while speaking, he seems very scared.

Kejriwal’s comments are a huge disappointment, not just for Sanatan Dharma but for all Indians. To use religious beliefs and symbols for political gain is shameful, and it shows how little respect Kejriwal has for India’s diversity.

His comments also betray a complete lack of understanding of Hinduism. It is clear that Kejriwal is only interested in furthering his own career, and he does not care about the people he is supposed to be representing.

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Why Arvind Kejriwal’ Statement Has a Political Agenda

Manoj Tiwari recently released a video on his Twitter account which explains this very well.

Tiwari asks Kejriwal to suspend such ministers from his party who give statements against Sanatan Dharma’s Gods. Which I believe is the absolutely right demand by Manoj Tiwari.

Furthermore, Tiwari adds, as Gujarat’s elections are near, Arvind Kejriwal must not be trusted with his statements.

Arvind Kejriwal, the current Chief Minister of Delhi, has been under fire lately for his proposed ban on crackers during the upcoming Diwali festival. This has not gone over well with the people of New Delhi, who see it as an attack on their Hindu traditions.

Tiwari goes on to say that Kejriwal is now suggesting something positive regarding Sanatan Dharma, but that the whole scenario is just pathetic.

Next, Tiwari speaks about the election survey that happened in Gujarat, which resulted in 0 seats for AAP. In this scenario, Tiwari argues that Arvind Kejriwal cannot be trusted.

In this scenario, it is clear that Kejriwal is not acting in the best interests of either the Hindu gods or the people of Delhi, and he should not be trusted.

Next what he said in the press conference, blew my mind and Arvind Kejriwal is just lost all the remaining little to none respect I had for him.

Arvind Kejriwal said in the press conference, whoever is against him is influenced by the Asura powers!

Kuch toh sharam karo bhai sahab. Kya bol rahe ho! Ek tum hi ram avatar ho, baaki sab asur pravriti ke hain?! Chullu bhar paani mein doob maro bhai sahab.

You talk about truth and honesty, here in our Ludhiana city, Punjab Police is taking bribes openly. And AAP is the ruling party of Punjab.

Here are some Tweets that shows Arvind Kejriwal’ Fakeness!


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