Powerful Creations

Powerful was founded with the goal to create a high-quality clothing line with positive vibes.

At Powerful everyone is a family member dedicated to making and selling exceptional clothes that proudly represent our brand’s mission: to serve as ambassadors of personal empowerment by being empowered in work, defined in style, and strong in character.

We are committed to empowering our customers through positivity!

It all started with a dream.

A passion for spreading good energy and feeling powerful on the inside no matter where we go is what drives us to deliver you irresistible fashion made by unstoppable people!

Powerful (PWR) Cryptocurrency

Powerful (PWR) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency, which will be used in transactions to buy clothing from Powerful Creations, which is brought to you by New Picup Hosiery. A manufacturer and wholesaler of woolen clothes since 2013.

We are giving the power of blockchain to Powerful Creations with Powerful PWR tokens.

We strive to provide eco-friendly, sustainable, and high-quality clothes from our own established manufacturing unit in Ludhiana city of Punjab state in India.

You can buy clothes and other products with Powerful (PWR) on this website.

PWR is based on Binance smart chain. It runs on the blockchain to achieve decentralization and security, with a safe side-chain for scalable transactional performance.